Exhibition program for Sophie Grace Pty Ltd

Economy Class (G8) 2005

Colour speaks louder than words

 Colour speaks louder than words is the first instalment of an exhibition program curated by art advisor James Dorahy for the new offices of financial services company Sophie Grace.

This collaboration creates a dynamic environment for clients and visitors to the offices of Sophie Grace. The art selected by James showcases his expertise and knowledge of contemporary art as well as his unique eye when it comes to presenting it.

Colour speaks louder than words is the perfect curatorial premise for this first presentation. Green with envy. Out of the blue. Caught red-handed. A white lie. Tickled pink. Once in a blue moon. Black out. Paint the town red. To show one’s true colours.

Why do we love certain colours and loathe others? Why do we find some colours soothing and others nauseating? Regardless the reasons, our responses to colour are highly subjective, influenced by innumerous personal, emotional and cultural associations.

Colour speaks louder than words encapsulates the investigation by each individual artist into the role of colour in their practice; it may be symbolic, spiritual, expressive or purely ornamental, spontaneously chosen or carefully considered.

“Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet” Paul Klee


Sophie Grace Pty LTD

Level 22, 85 Castlereagh Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

James Dorahy, Matt Glenn, Marita Fraser, Alex Lawler, Antonia Radich


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